Monday, April 11, 2005

Paul Martin's Damage Control

An Open Letter to Liberals from Prime Minister Paul Martin

April 11, 2005

Dear Liberal friend:

In recent days, testimony at the Gomery Commission has captured a great deal of public attention. It has also given rise to allegations about the Liberal Party itself and, by extension, all of us who are members. I felt it was important to write you on this subject and share my perspective and my pride in all of you as Liberals and activists.

As Leader and Prime Minister, I want party members everywhere to remember that it was this Liberal government that established the Gomery Commission – precisely in order to see that anyone who might have used the Liberal name to profit from national unity would be identified and punished. Similarly, if there are those who abused our party’s trust by using their position or their association with it, they have done a terrible disservice to the people of Canada and the members of our Party.

Like all Liberals and all Canadians, I'm offended by what I've heard in recent testimony. If even part of it turns out to be true, it is abhorrent to us all.

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Give today's poll results, this sounds a little desperate. All the Conservatives have to do is ask, "Weren't you the Finance Minister when all this was going down?" and Stephen Harper moves into 24 Sussex Drive and Paul Martin will go down along side Joe Clark as the biggest electoral punchlines in Canadian history.

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