Thursday, April 14, 2005

canada, revival and history...

If the church is to experience a true revival in Canada, it won't happen because church leaders want it to happen. It won't be generated by revival crusades and big name preachers. It won't be helped by more books and seminars. It won't have anything to do with large buildings.

Revival won't come from the top down this time around, because then it will only last as long as charismatic leaders continue to hype it along. And then it wouldn't be real revival anyway.

No, if Canada is going to experience revival it will come because we rediscover our love for God and His kingdom. It will come because we start to spend our money on the needs we see around us in real time. It will come because we cry out to the Lord with His compassion for His mercy on the world. It will come because we care more about His glory than our own success. It come in spite of the professionals and the fallen institution because the Lord of History invests His authority in amateurs.

Excerpted from Resonate via Bene Diction.

Yes, but that can be overstated. I don't see having a church building as a necessarily bad thing. Or books. or professional ministry. Or even seminars.

If Len's talking about the "Full Service Church" complete with workout facility, cafe, theatre seating, and skateboard park, then I agree. This sort of building/ministry does not necessarily serve the glory of God. It only panders to the consumerist culture that has taken over many churches.

But if Len's talking about serving those in need - true need - not just the selfish indulgences of the affluent, then I'm on board.

Here at Good Shepherd, we are in the midst of planning a building program and these sorts of questions are being asked. Our present facility is not meeting our needs. In fact, it's working against us. But a new building is very costly. Would a $3 million land + building glorify God by serving those who need to hear Good News? Can we cope with what we have or are we limited in growth?

We need to be practical, realistic, and faithful in our planning. Practical = a building that DOES something, not just look pretty. Realistic = a building that may cost big bucks up front but will pay dividends in service down the road. I'm not convinced by the "house churches are more pure" thinking because larger churches have resources that smaller group do not, and therefore can do more outreach and. Faithful = faithfulness to our gifts, our calling as disciples of Jesus and to the good news over which he made us stewards, and faithful to the vision of New Life and service that God calls us to live.

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