Wednesday, April 27, 2005

This is what happens in a minority parliament

First this:

Liberals in Tentative Budget Deal with NDP

OTTAWA (Reuters) - Canada's minority Liberal government reached an agreement in principle on Tuesday with the left-leaning New Democratic Party, which would see increased spending and reduced corporate tax cuts, an aide to Prime Minister Paul Martin said.

(the rest here)

Then this:

Martin says corporate tax cuts will go ahead - if Tories support them

OTTAWA (CP) - Prime Minister Paul Martin says he will push ahead with tax cuts for big corporations despite his budget deal with the NDP - provided the Conservatives support the move.

Of course, critics will spin this as a desperate attempt by the Liberals to keep hold of power. And they would right.

But still, this is how minority parliaments work. Democracy is messy. No one can accuse Paul Martin of governing as though he had a majority.

But my big question is: Can we afford both corporate tax cuts AND increased spending?

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