Friday, April 29, 2005

Paul Martin booed at U2 concert; fans sign Bono's end-poverty petition to PM

VANCOUVER (CP) - Prime Minister Paul Martin was booed at a sold-out rock show by thousands who have sided with U2's Bono, a rock star who won't let Canada beg off the fight to end poverty.

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It's clear the PM is in election mode. Check out this in today's Globe and Mail. If Martin wins the next election (May 18 is suspected as the "kill date"), the Liberals will be in power forever. Stephen Harper's political career will be over. And Alberta just may separate before Quebec.

Relatedly, I'm glad that U2 is using their influence for a greater cause than simply making music. I hope that the PM will listen to the voices of the younger generations and keep the promise he made to help end poverty.